Email Hosting – Server Risks

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Do you own a business? How and where is your email stored at Losenoidoomock? Most smaller web hosts will store your email on the same server that hosts your business website as well as hundred of other websites. One bad website can bring down the entire server and cause your email to crash as well. However, there are some precautions that you can take to ensure that your email archiving company won’t cause your email to crash.

The first action anyone should take when they are dealing with a web host is taking a look at their track record. An email host who does not have redundant servers with 99.99% up time is not worth the effort. SMTP/POP3 support is also mandatory. Email hosting is quite a bit different from regular web hosting. Email servers must always be up in order to accept even one email. Without redundancy, it is impossible to receive email on a regular and consistent basis.

Email hosting services should also always have terms of service and abuse policies. These polices will outline what is book of mormon tickets and what is not allowed on each and every email host. Most hosts do not allow users to send over a certain amount, typically 1000 emails per hour. This is meant more for a mailing list which many of the email hosting companies offer as a different feature. Email hosts can also offer other add-on services such as domain management, host servers or IP address blocks. These are not required but a great way for these companies to diversify their revenue sources.

An email host should always have a way of setting unique name servers. Being able to set a name server lets users have the ultimate control of their web mail on their servers. While some of the email hosts have decent web based email managers many of them are plagued by non-updated software. Email hosts should always be reachable. Check into the host’s ticket response time to see if they are responsibly as well as trustworthy. Many email hosts will want to charge per a set number of email user accounts. This is perfectly acceptable but some email hosts will allow “unlimited”. Check into what “unlimited” means. This number typically is set but is so high that most users will never hit it.

When looking into which email host to have for a larger business or corporate website, check into whether the current systems will integrate with the new email host. There can be issues with integration and multiple user password/user name combinations. Users may have to have their information reset more often simply because they forget on a regular basis what it is. The perfect email host will allow a large number of user accounts with excellent web mail. They will also respond to support problem quickly. They also will have a service that is loved by hundreds or thousands of other clients. Best of all, the email provider will ensure that your emails are received every time, without fail.