Email Backup & Archival - part two - Understand Regulatory and Legal Requirements

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Administrators searching to carry out an archiving and/or mail backup alternative must clearly realize the regulatory and legal environment in which they run. This will drive the features and capabilities of whatever option is implemented.

For starters, he adds, organizations must make sure their legal hold tool is integrated with an archive so they can maintain control over the data within the archive. This kind of integration ought to include the ability to suspend the retention policy until the matter or investigation is concluded, McCaffrey says.

Also, organizations should make sure retention policies and archiving practices account for every phantom of the opera tickets and each and every kind of data subject to compliance regulations or e-discovery requests, he adds. Besides electronic mail and loose files, organizations should now consider SharePoint, instant messaging, unified messaging, social media, and unified communications as containing discoverable materials.

Carry out & Test Electronic mail Backups

An Exchange or mail server crash can bring organizational productivity to its knees and potentially eliminate e-mail communications that may possibly come to be essential later when a lawsuit looms or an crucial piece of business intelligence is needed. Backing up e-mail content, which include the software for managing and running the e mail system, is critical.

To ensure business-critical information is managed effectively, organizations should conduct files backups regularly, states Jim Reinert, vice president of data recovery and software products at Kroll Ontrack. Also, he adds, organizations require to employ a policy and documented procedure, including a detailed record of information locations and date ranges, along with predetermined procedure owners and scheduled media rotations, so they can know exactly what is being backed up and where.

Another tip for effectively performing mail backup is simple: Test the backup. Mike Dull, senior recovery manager at Data-chambers (, says administrators need to test their backup alternative quarterly. Also, they should take notes documenting what went perfectly during a test and what didn’t. If issues that arise during a test cannot be alleviated, administrators should get help immediately.